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Uses Of Trancing, Tapping and Talking Therapies.

The most popular areas people seek help with are phobias, boosting confidence, improving performance, pain management, panic attacks, quitting smoking and weight loss.

Reducing stress and anxiety with Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP is another area growing in popularity, with many people wanting to learn for themselves how to deal with their own everyday pressures.

Hypnosis in a bit more detail.

Hypnosis is a condition which you allow yourself to enter, during which time there is relaxation and an altered state of conscious awareness and the subconscious is communicated to directly.
Relaxation - turns down volume/activity, breaking down of barriers, reduces conscious activity to communicate with subconscious. (Can also be induced with shock or confusion)
Allows - permissive approach, promotes consensus of flexibility, an invitation, showing the person possibility.
Conscious awareness - permissive, less likely to encounter resistance (unlike the old medical model that was more directive), may need to use more directive approach in different circumstances.
Light hypnotic states are experienced by everyone, usually in those few minutes between just falling asleep and moving into proper sleep.

Although we are not always aware of the presence of our subconscious it is always there. The subconscious mind is that part of us which "knows" what is required to preserve us, e.g. breathing, heart function, walking and much more that we do all the time without conscious thought.

Our conscious mind has a function known as critical reasoning and helps us make decisions based on known facts, logic, and experience, this is what needs to be bypassed when accessing the subconscious. We can all remember times when we "just knew it was right" but then we let logic convince us otherwise, the result being a missed opportunity.

Another major factor in hypnosis is that when you have access to the subconscious you can "create" new learning or memories because the subconscious cannot differentiate between a very vivid imagined event and a real event that you have recalled. This is especially useful when helping people to overcome phobias.