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Stop smoking with jypnosisSmoking cessation is rapidly becoming one of the most requested therapies from clients. Many people are now considering their health prospects in light of research that was used to introduce the ban on smoking in pubs and clubs that will come into force in the summer of 2007.

If you seriously want to give up smoking then one session of hypnosis is usually all that is required. During the intake interview we will assess just what your smoking habit consists of, especially the trigger points for lighting up. Then we decide what would be best for you in terms of replacing the smoking habit with something more suitable. This helps to eliminate the usual problems of substitution where people stop smoking but start eating sweets or chewing gum (the prime causes for weight gain when stopping smoking).


Here is a statement from one of my clients...

"After smoking fairly heavily for several years I decided for the good of my health I needed to stop sooner rather than later. After a couple of failed attempts I decided to consider hypnotherapy. I was somewhat sceptical at first but after talking to David and explaining my addiction and smoking habit my scepticism was soon allayed.

David invited me to a preliminary consultation which really felt more like a get to know you session; during which David took time to find out more about my circumstances and he explained the process, treatment and answered various questions I had. At the end of the initial consultation a hypnotherapy session was then booked for the following week.

The session lasted about an hour and twenty minutes 50 or so minutes of that time I was actually hypnotised (this only actually felt like about 10 minutes). As soon as David brought me back round I was a non smoker! Smoking was the last thing I felt like. I went in a smoker and came out a non smoker! And…..even better I’m still a non smoker. I would highly recommend David Goode to any smoker who is serious about giving up."

J.L. from Chudleigh

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