Jane Fitzmaurice - Loughborough University

Hi Robert - Thank you very much for your email and thank you for a fantastic presentation at the Hop Cellars. As I think you were probably aware the evening was a great success and judging by the feedback we have received your presentation and the length of the presentation was spot on. Richard, my colleague has today passed on your name to one of the guests and speaking to one or two others at the end of the evening they will be taking a look at your website for further information. Once again many thanks for helping to make a successful evening event for Loughborough University Alumni Association.”

Dr Charlie Vivian - Society of Occupational Medicine

"I would like to thank you on behalf of the Society of Occupational Medicine for speaking at the Spring Meeting on 26th March. Feedback from delegates has been excellent and the atmosphere on the day reflected the success of the educational and development aims of the programme. A very enjoyable presentation – you carried the “Graveyard” slot fantastically."

Patricia - DVB Bank

“The feedback on your sessions was excellent, employees at all levels who attended were singing your praises. Thanks for all your effort.”

Agnieszka Rees - Citigroup

"Robert - Many thanks for your wonderful, inspirational and entertaining presentation today. I would appreciate if you could forward me the slides or at least the list of books you have recommended tonight."

Dr Caryn Solomon - Investec Bank UK

“Robert Phipps is a regular contributor to Investec’s Leader Development Programme, where his wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of body language and non-verbal communication provide an invaluable opportunity for people to learn about the critically important, intangible aspects of leading people. Those who have attended his dynamic, informative teaching workshops have invariably emerged with greater insight into their own and others’ behaviour, as well as a wide array of practical tools to enhance their relationships with colleagues and clients. I would recommend him highly to anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the more subtle aspects of communication”

Kate Connolly - Investec Bank

Thank you for coming to our offsite, it definitely was one of the highlights of weekend. We loved it! Friday night, I was told off by most of the team, why, why, why did we invite you so late in the afternoon to do your presentation, they said they could have listened to you for hours and if I ever did another offsite, that I must schedule you earlier in the day. We thoroughly enjoyed it - great content and great delivery - the feedback was fantastic. I am sure that it will not be the last time we work together as a team. Again, thank you from Rob, Kim, Sian and team.

Karen Hughes – HP Invent.

“Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative afternoon. The feedback from your body-language session was very positive and everyone is requesting follow-up sessions to keep us 'on the ball'. The post-body language 'liars and guessers' session was particularly amusing as the 'liars' were very conscious of their own body language and the guessers were picking up every twitch."

Ashley, KENT Automotive.

“Thanks again for the presentation, it worked really well and people sure were talking about it that evening in the bar ! From the feedback I received they found it really useful and have also recommended we go into further depth at future events. So let's stay in touch !”

Greg Bethell – Thomas Holdings.

“Thanks for yet another well received presentation. Everyone is now avidly reading their book so I'm sure the topic will stay with us as a conversation piece for some time to come”

Linda Krywald – Audit Commission

“Thank you for your contribution to our event which I have heard was a great success. We didn’t do a formal evaluation of the session but having asked around, the feedback was very positive & people felt that they had taken away some useful ideas”

Best wishes Gwen Bailey- APBC

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for your talk on Saturday. It was really well received by everyone (mostly 10’s for both presentation and content) so well done. Hope we can work together again some day (would like to know more of what you know!)."

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education

  • A fun and informative session. Robert was one of the best public speakers I have ever seen, combined humour with a real enthusiasm for his subject matter.
  • This was a fantastic session, extremely informative and quite bizarre at times! Makes me want to learn more about body language and I've been practising the tricks he taught us.
  • Some of the material I had heard previously, but the level of detail and Robert's knowledge and understanding and air of experience was brilliant.
  • Fabulous, I'd go for a night out and pay to see Mr Phipps!
  • I hung on his every word. The presentation was exciting, fascinating and really useful. It was a shame the session was so short -I wanted more, more, more!!
  • Such an important aspect of fundraising that is usually overlooked. I'd be very interested to see more of these types of seminars in the future.
  • Most interesting, his session was something very different and unusual for a conference like this but I (and many other people I spoke to) thought he was fantastic and we learned so much in a short space of time.
  • What a great way to finish a conference, Top drawer.
  • Fantastic - in a profession which is about working out how people tick he was very enlightening and an excellent speaker."

Aileen Gilligan- The Cooperative Bank

“Dear Robert,
My colleagues and I (three ladies on the front row and one gentleman at the back) thoroughly enjoyed your talk for the IFS School of Finance today. The time flew by, and we could have listened to you for hours. Would you mind emailing me the slides so that I can share the main themes with our colleagues in the office? Many thanks Aileen

Stuart - Mortgage Consultant

Hello Robert,
I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your time at the Manchester session today. I enjoyed it very much and have come away enthused to learn more. I have been in sales for 15 years so have been exposed to various sessions on body language (albeit as small sections of courses). By my own admission I'm a pretty decent salesperson, but I realised today that in the past I have only scratched the surface of what is possible through NLP and really understanding body language. I feel that learning more could really take my abilities to another level. I thought that your style and energy was brilliant - you could offer your services as a motivational expert in addition to Non-Verbal Communication expert!